Aldona Kmiec is Polish-Australian Photographer living & working between Ballarat & East Gippsland

aldona kmiec wedding photographer drawing lily mae martin artist

Aldona Kmiec is a visual artist born in Poland, now based between Ballarat and East Gippsland. Aldona completed Photography studies at London Metropolitan University and began her career as a photographer in 2006, migrating to Australia in 2009.

In 2012-14 Aldona was a Multicultural Ambassador of Ballarat and facilitated a number of arts projects including iconic photographic murals We R You, My Australia My Journey and Dreamscapes.

“Living near nomadic life over the last 20 years, photography has become my constant companion documenting the lives of others around me. Bridging the two cultures, I find the Australian landscape and identity in strong juxtaposition to my Polish upbringing.”

Led by curiosity to experience different cultures, she travels constantly and engages in projects related with art, design and visual experimentation.

Winner of Eureka Art Prizes, Finalist of The Maggie Diaz Photography Prize and Bowness Photography Prize Aldona has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in and out of Australia. Her work features on The Design FilesBetter Homes & Gardens Australian Country Magazine. 

Artwork by Lily Mae Martin