Aldona Kmiec is a Polish-Australian Artist living and working between Ballarat & East Gippsland

About Aldona Kmiec Polish Wedding Photographer Ballarat East Gippsland Artist

Born in Poland, Aldona pursued her Photography studies at London Metropolitan University and migrated to Australia in 2009.

Aldona was a Multicultural Ambassador of Ballarat in 2012-14 and facilitated a number of arts projects including My Australia My Journey exhibition about Ballarat migrants and We R You photographic murals. Her recent body of work  Dreamscapes is a pursuit to capture childhood dreams.

“The visual language I use in my photographic work aims to bring more understanding and social dialog about the perceived ‘otherness of the other’ or challenge the mentality that those who are different from us are problematic.”

With passion for regional living, she has built a strong community profile in Ballarat. “Ballarat has provided me with an amazing opportunity to further develop my photographic career and has played a major part in my life.” Her work features on The Design FilesBetter Homes & Gardens and Australian Country Magazine.