In the Process of Healing

In the Process of Healing is an immersive installation of photography, sound and space. ‘In the Process of Healing’ tells a story of hope and survival. Responding to the stories of institutional abuse, suicide and treatment of refugees, artist Aldona Kmiec has created a moving and respectful collection that reflects the process of healing.

“My vision is to give hope. To document the invisible lives, drowned by society’s attempts to maintain normalcy through keeping their eyes shut, pretending that lives don’t exist, referring to them as numbers.”

The darkened room with the ‘Chair of nails’ is terrifyingly effective and heightens a physical sense of a traumatic experience within the body and the mind. The floating enlarged images depict a family of refugees with their faces hidden, conveying a sense of fear, hope and the journey towards healing.

“Very theatrical, stimulating. When you go to the room, the ‘Chair of nails’ is very stark, but very evocative too. Most theatrically exciting thing for me was coming out of this room and having to walk through the photographs again, and see them in a different emotional state of mind. Beautifully theatrically presented.” Al Wunder

“Thought-provoking, sensitive and empathetic” , “Powerful exhibition”

Featured in: The MinerSBS Polish RadioABC RadioGravity WaveThe Ballarat Courier The Ballarat Courier II