Dogs bonding

The rhythm of the dusty afternoon, walking in the mud with no shoes on, cutting my foot with broken glass, being in my own world, witnessing dogs interactions. This raw energy makes life beautiful in its simplicity.

The series ‘Dog’s bonding’ is my first step into the world of dogs, the world I know not much about. Yet, there’s a connection. I feel like I know my calling, a familiar heartbeat from times past, when together with my dog I ran and ran and ran, as far and fast as I could sometimes.

Late afternoon Australian sun warms up my face and makes the mud on my feet to crack. Connected to Earth through thousands of receptors, I feel my own world vibrating, buzzing, happy with reconnections of neurones in my not brilliant memory of past times. There are others who love me and let me be in my happiness for as long as I want. Interacting, exploring, searching, being a child once again.