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The long search for freedom Invisible Lives Artworks

The long search for freedom

“The long search for freedom” ‪11 July‬ 2017, Train Melbourne – Ballarat. ‪1.17pm‬ [This dream was the inspiration for my ‘In The Process of healing’ exhibition at BALLARAT Convent, Ballarat Foto Biennale 2017 In the Process of Healing] Last night I had a dream. I’ve been walking on a bridge with Suganthini. The bridge was…

Artists Aldona Kmiec and Magdalena Kazmierczak Colours of the world Cultures_Art Gallery Ballarat Exhibition

‘Colours of the World Cultures’ – now virtual

My current group exhibition ‘Colours of the World Cultures’ at Art Gallery Ballarat has been sadly closed due to #Covid19 restrictions. However, you can still view some of the works online on social media (see Instagram link below) or download my Artist Statement here. We hope that the Art Gallery Ballarat will be able to…

Snow Gums Kosciuszko National Park triptych artwork Ballarat Artist Aldona Kmiec

Snow Gums Kosciuszko National Park

Seeing the devastation of Australian bush by the recent fires has been heartbreaking. Especially dealing with memories of being in places like Cape Conran, Mallacoota, other remote places in East Gippsland and also Kosciuszko National Park. Currently working through my documentation from those areas and hoping to go back soon to rephotograph these places after…

Kallista woman facing the sun Elevated views from Kallista

Views from Kallista

There’s this beautiful photo-story I’m working on. One theme stands out in this particular story – courage. It’s a life skill that can be learned, even in the darkest of times 🖤

Help Gippsland after bushfires East Gippsland Landscapes Eagle Point jetty East Gippsland sunset Jeffrey Smart style

Help Gippsland after bushfires

We showcase the beauty of regional Victoria through art and commercial photography projects. If you have a regional or metro project you’d like filmed or photographed, get in touch now or call Aldona directly on +61 433 162 791 Gippsland is beautiful and so are you. Please consider booking your holidays or just a weekend…

Aldona Kmiec Social Impact Art Invisible Lives Limited edition print

Social Impact Art

It is 6 years today since my friend’s family’s visa was ceased: ✖️no visa ✖️no right to paid work ✖️no Medicare So I created this artwork and exhibition titled “Invisible Lives” for the Ballarat International Foto Biennale festival in 2017 to bring awareness and support them any way I can. This artwork is also available to…

Australian Husky pony Swifts Creek Artist haunted white pony

When the night comes

When the night comes upon us..  Hold on I’ll be back for you It won’t be long But for now there’s something else That’s calling me So take me down a lonesome road Point me east and let me go That suitcase weighs me down With memories I just want to be the one you…

Artist Profile Aldona Kmiec Ballarat Melbourne Art Lovers Australia

Artist Profile

Why did you become an artist? Where did you study, etc? I didn’t choose to become an artist. I’ve always been a creative person, and I had to find ways to express it. Art didn’t have a central place in my family. I grew up on a farm in Poland during the communist era. For…

choosing wall art for your home Hampstead Heath London bridge print wall art print Aldona Kmiec Australia.jpg ATTACHMENT DETAILS Hampstead Heath London bridge wall art print Aldona Kmiec Australia

Choosing Wall Art for Your Home

A beautiful and original artwork in your home is like a soothing background tune – it introduces harmony. Good art will keep your visitors interested and asking questions. Many people overlook the contribution of art to home décor, mainly due to lacking the know-how on where to get and how to choose good wall art.…

Iconic Australian backyards prints Hills Hoist print Great Australian Backyard Hills Hoist

Iconic Australian backyards – new print series

Hills Hoist, an iconic Australian invention Hills Hoist   Having grown up in Poland, my memories of our expansive backyard are quite different from my fellow Aussies. I became somewhat fascinated by old Victorian houses and various Aussies inventions, like the Hills Hoist, adjustable rotary clothes line. When I first saw it at a suburban…

Marketing Video Production Aldona Kmiec Photography Gippsland

Video Production

I’ve recently worked on a creative digital content for Startup Gippsland website and social media channels. Here’s the playlist of some of my production work with Aspire Pictures.  

Alfred Deakin Place Ballarat Parkour

Alfred Deakin Place Ballarat

Alfred Deakin Place Ballarat Alfred Deakin Place in Ballarat usually features some great art exhibitions at the Backspace Gallery, break dancing, zine production, skateboard painting workshop. Backspace Gallery presents a public program of local exhibitions which showcase contemporary art, craft design and celebrate the arts in the region. < Alfred Deakin Place Ballarat

Ballarat Airbnb photography Lightshift Clunes aldona kmiec architecture

Ballarat Airbnb Photography

Capturing the Light When it comes to capturing your Airbnb property, the natural light is everything. Like with most things, the more effort you put in, the more you will get out of something. And light is something you cannot control but work with. Below are a few takes from a beautiful Airbnb accommodation property,…

Learn Photography Lessons Ballarat Bairnsdale Gippsland Aldona Kmiec Artist

Learn Photography

Learn Photography in Ballarat and Gippsland Learn Photography You have the camera but are you capturing what you want? Don’t let those moments slip by. Learn photography to capture the world around you. Gift Vouchers available Save on multiple lessons 1:1 photography lessons provide personalised tuition allowing you to learn at your own speed Lessons are available for all levels from…

Inertia Head in Sand photo Feelings of Inertia Musings of a Visual Artist


It has gotten to me. Inertia. I can’t sleep. Photography exhibition project in the pipeline and I crumble like no tomorrow. The comforting thing is, I’m not alone to anxiety, in fact everyone goes through more or less similar experience. But how debilitating is it?!!! Correct. I feel like a heavy bucket of sand today.…