Photo-book Transient - b&w street international encounters. Traveling through light and space, contemplating time and flowing motion, finding myself in 'a location' and then experiencing the feeling of a 'dislocation'


For my  fringe exhibition Transient at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale 2011, I delve into my archive of street photography shot both on film/digital.  The exhibition chronicles my years of intrepid traveling, living between cultures and the flowing motion of being on the move.  I’ve always been fascinated by street photography and capturing what French photojournalist…

Adam Lindsay Gordon Cottage Ballarat Botanical Gardens Australia Aldona Kmiec Photo

Adam Lindsay Gordon Cottage

Adam Lindsay Gordon Cottage A must see location for every Ballarat visitor. I used to volunteer here in 2010 and have great memories of working in the cottage right in the centre of the Ballarat Botanical Gardens. Poet Adam Lindsay Gordon (1833-1870) was born in Fayal in the Azores on October 19th, 1833. He was educated…