It has gotten to me.

I can’t sleep. Big exhibition project in the pipeline and I crumble like no tomorrow. The comforting thing is, I’m not alone to anxiety, in fact everyone goes through more or less similar experience. But how debilitating is it?!!!

Correct. I feel like a heavy bucket of sand today. Hating lists, I’m writing one just to be able to complete what I need to complete today before any disasters happen, or I become unreliable, mostly to myself. Is it all in my head? Yep, maybe it is. But when it starts effecting your everyday life, it’s time to act. Feeling like you can’t do that, feeling not strong enough to overcome this. Welcome to this world. And probably most of creatives world’s too. Time to take a dog for a walk.

Inertia Head in Sand photo Feelings of Inertia Musings of a Visual Artist
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