Swept away

Limited Edition Print

-Archival C-Type (chromogenic) print mounted on dibond
-Professionally framed by Nick Blackmore Frames: shadow box style, recycled Victorian Oak timber

Amy Tsilemanis, artist & curator | Scarsdale, VIC

In attempting to capture artist and researcher Amy Tsilemanis out in the natural landscape, the results were very surprising. This photograph captured Amy’s restless spirit along with her willingness to let her imagination take her away.

There is also the sense of Amy being swept away, giving in to momentary potential for escape. Set against the dark lines
and muted colours of the Australian landscape, it is clear that the darker side of our dreams and our desires have an attraction all of their own.


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Swept away print | Archival C-Type (chromogenic) print by Polish-Australian artist Aldona Kmiec


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Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 102 × 102 × 4.5 cm