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We R You :: final statistics

Ballarat’s We R You project has now wrapped up its wings – our friendly helpers will be visiting the sites for some time and replacing a couple of damaged posters. I wouldn’t be myself if I haven’t collated some kind of handy statistics for you 135 Days Project duration 174 Signatures of Participants 1082 Files/Portraits taken during […]

Special Edition We R You Faces iPhone skin Ballarat Australia

ABC Ballarat talks to We R You participants

ABC Ballarat talks to We R You participants

ABC Ballarat Lily Partland interviewed participants of We R You faces Ballarat public art project. Great stories from great people – thank you again for your participation, energy and sharing your beautiful stories. Click on the photo to read more.. ballarat public art We R You Faces project

We R You SportsBiz wall

Ballarat: You are awesome! Last Installation of We R You Faces – completed! Get down there, find your face, but most importantly please keep the public art discussion going! Without your input, consistency and new ideas there are no faces! Our biggest We R You Faces outdoor space – 29 metres SportsBiz wall in Bridge Mall […]

Public Art Ballarat Portrait Photography Aldona Kmiec faces project © Aldona Kmiec 2013 www.aldonakmiec.com

We R You paste up project Ballarat

Eclectic Tastes Ballarat

:: We R You continues…at Eclectic Tastes Ballarat Another day.. another wall! Eclectic Tastes apart from great coffee and sticky dates caramel pudding yum! also serves large format We R You portraits of people from our community on its walls. Thank you to the owner for contacting us and letting us use your walls. Come down […]

Ready to launch:: MADE Ballarat

4 – 31 MAY – WE R YOU: OUR FACES, OUR COMMUNITY MADE BALLARAT :: DYNAMIC PUBLIC ART INSTALLATION … M.A.D.E is proud to feature ‘We R You’ for the month of May. Funded by the Victorian Department of Justice and supported by the City of Ballarat, ‘We R You’ is engaging people across our community […]

M.A.D.E Eureka Flag Cupcakes Centre for Australian Democracy

We R You paste up project Weeremar Park Wendouree West

Toilet paper anyone?

:: Art in public places Gooey sticky hands!!… Just finished the posters at Weeremar Park Wendouree West & Victory Park Sebastopol And, don’t forget – it’s tomorrow! Bridge Mall photo shoot this Saturday. Great Opportunity to have your portrait featured in the We R You project! Open to public. Saturday April 27th 10am – 2pm Bridge Mall Ballarat Join us […]

We R You :: Bridge Mall Ballarat

:: We R You wants You! Bridge Mall photo shoot this Saturday. Great Opportunity to have your portrait featured in the We R You project! Open to public. Saturday April 27th 10am – 2pm Bridge Mall Ballarat   Join us from 10-2pm this Saturday for Bridge Mall photo shoot T&C: Signed Model Release Bridge Mall photo shoot  

WE R You photography book Ballarat Australia

We R You paste ups – New Faces at The Lane

We R You – New Faces at The Lane

We R You paste ups – New Faces at The Lane street art project Great news! Yesterday we’ve finished installing new faces on the coarse brick wall of The Lane – George Hotel laneway between Armstrong/Lydiard St Nth. A couple of iPhone shots below, more to come.. The Lane street art project. A comment that has […]

We R You new sites

We R You  – New sites & community ideas call Most of you have by now seen the We R You project paste ups on Blockbuster Building corner Camp/Mair Streets… Guess what? We have a couple of new permissions for public artwork in new visible sites!! Exciting isn’t it? Last week me & Deborah went […]

Vickers Park Sebastopol Public Toilets

We R You photography workshops ballarat

We R You – how we learn

We R You  – on location photography workshops Ballarat   You might have already seen our first public building transformed into an outdoor exhibition space. The makeover of the Blockbuster video building corner Mair/Camp street is now out for public to see (and judge). The public reaction have met our expectations  – there were generally very positive and uplifting comments like: ‘I […]

Ballarat streets get a faces lift

We R You  – Our Faces Our Community   HAPPY Faces are smiling down on Ballarat pedestrians thanks to a new paste-up photography project W R You project – this is real now!!!!! It’s being installed on the Blockbuster building corner Camp/ Mair St as we speak by two of our lovely helpers.. Come & […]

We R You paste up project Ballar\at

We-R-You paste up photography portrait Ballarat

We R You Large format photography prints

We R You Project Update Large format photography prints are ready! Yesterday we received our final batch of large format photography prints from our project partners QuickPrint! They are really big and look amazing!! It’s exciting to see what a little camera and a talented eye of our project participant can create. We are now ready […]

We R You on ARTeFACT March 2013

We R You on ARTeFACT March 2013!   CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL ARCHIVE PROJECT IMAGES What are your thoughts on this project? Tell us using the comments below:  

We R You on ARTefact March 2013 We R You paste- up

CFA Wendouree Volunteers Portrait

We R You & Yuille Park P-8 Community College

Firefighters photos Yuille Park P-8 Community College in Wendouree has also joined the We R You project! The paste-up portraits will be displayed on the wall near school and will be enjoyed by the local community. We meet each Friday to take and work on images. Last Friday we had a great pleasure to talk to our guests from […]

Paste-up photography We R You activity #6, 7

Paste-up photography – we’re in editing stage yay!!! Seven sessions and wow – just have a look! Fun portraits aren’t they! Our group is also growing – we now have Afghani, Australian, Togolese, Chinese, Japanese and Polish participants – we are a very creative multinational, multilingual and multicultural group. Anyone can join us regardless of […]

We R You paste up project Aldona kmiec Photography BALLARAT, COMMUNITY, MULTICULTURAL, PASTE UP, STREET ART, WE R YOU

We R You paste up project Ballar\at

We R You paste ups street art activity #5

Mid February paste-up street art Five sessions so far have produced close to a half thousand of portraits! Next activity day – Monday Feb 18 at 4pm meeting outside the Huyghue House (behind the Art Gallery). We’ll be looking and editing images and choosing the best ones to go on the display. See you then! […]

We R You paste ups activity #3 #4

Paste ups street art On our Wednesday Portrait Session Feb 6th… Exciting! We’ve becoming larger group each time. Thanks to John who brought his friends Lunophare and Andre and thanks to Rachel and Vivianne who introduced Benedicta to our paste up project!! Today we’ve learnt how to use a reflector to bounce back the sun […]

We R You paste up project

We R You Community Engagement project

We R You paste-up street art activity#2

  We R You Community Engagement project  paste-up street art Look who’s in on Monday!! A lot of energy going on – great for the start of our project. Next activity day – this Wednesday Feb 6 at 4pm meeting outside the Art Gallery. Bring your family & friends!   /////////// WHO               We R You is […]

We R You paste up Project kicks off!

We R You Community Engagement project  Great News folks! WHO               We R You is an initiative of the CoB Arts & Culture Unit, involving partnerships with community and Council agencies across Ballarat. Those providing letters of support and participation include: Victorian Police CoB Community Safety Committee Ballarat Health Refugee Support Group – participation UnitingCare Ballarat […]

WE R You paste ups street art Ballarat