Here’s a list of useful Photography Books you may find helpful in your art practice. The list was collated by my former photography tutor from London Metropolitan University, Merlin Hendy back in 2005.

Here’s his website for reference and awesome London rooftops dance shots

Historical & Contextual Useful Photography Books Reference Books
Adams, Robert1996Why People PhotographAperture
Adams, Robert1981Beauty in PhotographyAperture
Ades, Dawn1986PhotomontageThames and Hudson
Andriesse, P1996Art Gallery ExhibitingUitgeverij de Balie
Baatz, Willfried1999Photography – A Concise HistoryLaurence King
Bachelard, Gaston1958/1994The Poetics of SpaceBeacon Press
Barthes, Roland1982/1993Camera LucidaVintage
Barthes, Roland1957/1993MythologiesVintage
Barthes, Roland1977Image, Music, TextFontana Press
Bate, David2016Photography, The Key ConceptsBloomsbury
Bavister, S2001Photographing People: Portraits, Fashion, GlamourRotoVision
Belsey, Catherine2002Poststructuralism – a very short introductionOxford University Press
Berger, J1992About LookingPeter Smith Publishing
Berger, John & Mohr, Mohr1969Fortunate Man: Story of a Country Doctor Penguin
Berger, John1972Ways of SeeingPenguin/BBC
Berger, John & Mohr, Jean1987Another Way of TellingGranta/Pluto Press Ltd
Berger, W.2001Advertising TodayPhaidon (London)
Berger, John X & Richon, Olivier1989Other Than ItselfCornerhouse
Brittain, David (Ed.)1999Creative Camera – 30 Years of WritingManchester University Press
Burgin, Victor1982Thinking PhotographyMacMillan Press
Campany, David2003Art and Photography (Themes and Movements)Phaidon
Chambers, E & Northedge, A.1997The Arts Good Study GuideThe Open University
Clarke, Graham1997The Photograph: A Visual and Cultural HistoryOxford
Cobley, Paul & Jansz, Litza1999Introducing SemioticsIcon
Cole, Peter2002The Theory of KnowledgeHodder & Stoughton
Cotton, C2000Imperfect Beauty: The Making of Contemporary Fashion PhotographsVA Publications
Cotton, Charlotte2004The Photograph as Contemporary ArtThames & Hudson
Creative & Commercial Communications Ltd1993The Best Ads Never SeenWest Sussex/Open Eye Publishing
Derrick, R2004People in Vogue: A Century of Portrait PhotographyLittle, Brown andCompany
Docherty, Thomas1993Postmodernism – a readerHarvester Wheatsheaf
Evans, Harold1978/1997Pictures On A Page (Photojournalism, Graphics and Picture Editing).Pimlico
Ewing, William A.????The Fugitive Gesture???
Ewing, William A.????The Body???
Flusser, Vilem2000/2005Towards a Philosophy of PhotographyReaktion Books Ltd
Friday, Jonathan2002Aesthetics & PhotographyAshgate Publishing Ltd
Frizot, Michel1994A New History of PhotographyKonemann
Gebhardt, Volker1998Painting – A Concise HistoryLaurence King
Gernsheim, Helmut & Gernsheim, Alison1965/1971A Concise History of PhotographyThames & Hudson
Greenberg, R, Ferguson, B W and Nairne, S (editors)1996Thinking about ExhibitionsRoutledge
Golden, R200120th Century Photography: A Complete Guide to the Greatest Artists of the Photographic AgeCarlton Books
Gombrich, E. H.1950/1993The Story of ArtPhaidon
Gronemeyer, Andrea1999Film – A Concise HistoryLaurence King
Hawkes, T.1977Structuralism & SemioticsRoutledge (London)
Hill, Paul & Cooper, Thomas1979/1992Dialogue with PhotographyCornerhouse
Hollis, Martin1985/1997Invitation to PhilosophyBlackwell
Jager, Gottfried2002The Art of Abstract PhotographyArnoldsche
Jacobson, Colin,edited by200?Underexposed – Pictures can lie and liars use pictures (ISBN:1-903399-21-1)Vision On Publishing
Jeffrey, Ian1981Photography: A Concise HistoryThames & Hudson (World of Art)
Jones, G, Cardinal, D & Hayward, J2003Existentialism and Humanism; Jean-Paul SartreJohn Murray
Jones, T2001Smile ID: Fashion and StyleTaschen,
Jussim, Estelle1989The Eternal Moment – Essays on the Photographic ImageAperture Foundation Inc
Jussim, Estelle, with Lindquist-Cock, Elizabeth????Landscape as Photograph?
Jussim, Estelle????Stopping Time – The Photographs of Harold Edgerton?
Kopelow, G1997The Focal Handbook of Commercial PhotographyButterworth-Heinemann
La Grange, Ashley2005Basic Critical Theory for PhotographersFocal Press
Langford, Michael19??The Story of PhotographyFocal Press
Life Magazine2003Life Magazine — 100 Photographs that Changed the WorldTime Warner International
Lister, Martin1995The Photographic Image in Digital CultureRoutledge
Lord, B G1997Manual of Museum ManagementThe Stationery Office
Marien, Mary Warner2002Photography – A Cultural HistoryLaurence King
Martin, R2001The Fashion BookPhaidon Press Limited,)
Miles, M1997Art, Space and the CityRoutledge
Morris, Wright????Time Pieces: Photography, Writing & MemoryAperture Foundation Inc
Newhall, Beaumont1982The History of PhotographyMOMA, N.Y.
Newhall, Nancy????From Adams to Stieglitz: Pioneers of Modern PhotographyAperture Foundation Inc
O’Doherty, B1986Inside the White CubeLapis Press
Parr, Martin, Badger, Gerry2004The Photobook: A History: v. 1 Phaidon
Pedro Lorente, J1998Cathedrals of Urban ModernityAshgate
Pfeifer, K.1992Compact Disk Packaging & GraphicsRockport Publishing Inc. (London)
Powers, A.2001Great Book Jacket & Cover DesignOctopus (London)
Protzman, Ferdinand2003Landscape – Photographs of Time & SpaceNational Geographic
Pultz, John1995The Body in PhotographyOrion
Read, Herbert, edited by1988Dictionary of Art & ArtistsThames & Hudson (World of Art).
Reuters2004The Art of Seeing: The Best of ‘Reuters’ PhotographyReuters
Roberts, John1998The Art of InterruptionManchester University Press
Robinson, Dave & Groves, Judy2004Introducing PhilosophyIcon
Rose, Gillian2001Visual MethodologiesSage
Rosenblum, Naomi1984A World History of PhotographyAbbeville
Rosenblum, Naomi1994A History of Women PhotographersAbbeville
Scharf, Aaron1968/1986Art and PhotographyPenguin
Selwood, S1994Benefits of Public Art in BritainPolicy Studies Institute
Sheridan, Alan1980/1994Michel Foucault – The Will To TruthRoutledge
Sontag, Susan1979/2002On PhotographyPenguin Classics.
Spence, Jo & Holland, Patricia1991Family SnapsVirago Pres
Steichen, Edward, created by1955/2000The Family of ManMOMA, N.Y
Stevens, Anthony1994Jung – a very short introductionOxford University Press
Storr, Anthony1989Freud – a very short introductionOxford University Press
Tagg, John1988The Burden of RepresentationMacMillan
Taylor, John1998Body Horror (Photojournalism, catastrophe and war)Manchester University Press
Thody, Philip & Course, Ann1999Introducing BarthesIcon
Timmers, M.1998The Power Of The PosterV&A Publications (London)
Turley, R. M2000Writing Essays. Routledge
Vergo, P (editor)1989The New MuseologyReaktion Books,)
Verlag, Florian K1967Painting, Photography & Film: Maholy NagyLund Humphries
Weaver, M1989The Art of Photography (1839-1989)Yale University Press
Wells, Liz,edited by 2002(2nd Ed)Photography: A Critical IntroductionRoutledge
Wells, Liz,edited by2003The Photography ReaderRoutledge
Westerbeck, Colin & Meyerowitz, Joel?Bystander – a History of Street PhotographyLittle, Brown & Co.
Williamson, J.1978/1994Decoding Advertisements, Ideology and Meaning in AdvertisingMarion Boyars (London)
Wilson, Rhonda1993Seeing the Light – Contemporary Survival Strategies for the Individual Image MakerNottingham Trent University
Winship, JInside Women’s MagazinesRivers Dram Press
Woods, Tim1999Beginning PostmodernismManchester University Press
Zakia, R2001Perception and ImagingFocal Press
The AOP1997, etcThe Fuji/Association of Photographers Assistants’ AwardsElfande Ltd (the AOP)
The AOP2005, etcThe Association of Photographers AwardsElfande Ltd (the AOP)
The AOP2003Beyond The Lens (invaluable guide to the business aspects of Photography)3rd|EditionAOP
MagazinesArt and Design
Art Forum
Art in America
Art Monthly
Art Review
Artist’s Newsletter
Contemporary Art
Modern Painters


Technical Text Books
Adams, A1995The CameraLittle, Brown and Co.
Adams, A1995The NegativeLittle, Brown and Co.
Adams, A1995The PrintLittle, Brown and Co.
Blaker, A A1986Applied Depth of FieldFocal Press
Blaker, A A1989Handbook of Scientific Photography Second EditionFocal Press
BPIFTheory of the Printing ProcessBPIF publication (Print Graphics andCommunications NTO, Bedford Row, London WC1)
Calder, Julian & Garrett,John1979The 35mm Photographer’s Handbook,Pan
Charter, M1992Greener MarketingGreenleaf Publishing
Coote, J H and Jack, H1996Ilford Monochrome Darkroom Practice: A Manual of Black and White Processing and PrintingFocal Press
Crisp, M1993The Practical DirectorFocal Press
Demaio, J1997The New Darkroom HandbookFocal Press
DiZazzo, R1993Directing Corporate VideoFocal Press
Eastland, J1995Essential Darkroom TechniquesCassell
Eastman Kodak Co.1978Professional Photographic Illustration TechniquesEastman Kodak
Eastman Kodak Co.1995Kodak Black and White Darkroom DataguideEastman Kodak
Eastman Kodak Co.1989Kodak Colour Darkroom DataguideEastman Kodak
Eastman Kodak Co.1972Clinical PhotographyEastman Kodak
Eastman Kodak Co.1988Photography through the MicroscopeEastman Kodak
Ephraums, E1996Gradient Light: The Art and Craft Of Using Variable Contrast PaperAmphoto Publishing
Fincher, Terry1980Creative Techniques in PhotojournalismBatsford
Freeman, Michael1992The Photographer’s Studio ManualHarper Collins
Frost, L2001Night and Low-Light Photography: The Complete GuideDavid & Charles
Graves, C1993The Elements of Black and White PrintingFocal Press
Hedgecoe, John1988The Photographer’s HandbookEbury Press
Hedgecoe, J1997John Hedgecoe’s Workbook of Darkroom TechniquesMitchell Beazley
Hedgecoe, J2003The New Manual of PhotographyDorling Kindersley
Hicks, Roger & Shultz, Frances1996Pro Lighting – PortraitsRotovision
Hinston, P2001Starting Your BusinessDorling Kindersley
Hirsch, Robert2004Exploring Colour PhotographyLaurence King
Hope, T2002Photo-journalism (Black and White)Rotovision
Horder, Alan, edited by1971The Ilford Manual of PhotographyFocal Press
Hunt, R W G1996The Reproduction of ColourFisher Books
Hunter, Fil & Fuqua, Paul1997Light; Science & MagicButterworth-Heinemann (Elsevier)
Hurlburt, Allen1978The GridVan Norstrand Reinhold Company Inc
Hyzer, W G1962Engineering and Scientific High Speed PhotographyMacmillan
I’Anson, Richard2004Travel Photography (excellent guide, of use to all, not just travellers).Lonely Planet
Jacobson, Ray & Attridge1988The Manual of PhotographyFocal Press
James, T H1977The Theory of the Photographic ProcessMacMillan
Jarvis, P1993Production HandbookFocal Press
Jhally, S1991The Codes of AdvertisingRoutledge
Johnson, C1999The Practical Zone SystemFocal Press
Kapit, A2001The Anatomy Colouring BookAddison Wesley
Keene, M1995Practical Photojournalism: A Professional GuideFocal Press
Keller, Max1999Light Fantastic?
Kobre, Kenneth1996(3rd Ed)Photojournalism – The Professionals approachFocal Press (of Butterworth-Heinemann/ISBN:0-240-80240-30
Laytin, Peter1996Creative Camera ControlsFocal Press
Langford, Michael1976/2002Starting Photography (3rd ed)Focal Press
Langford, Michael1965/2001Basic Photography (7th ed)Focal Press
Langford, Michael1998Advanced Photography (6th Ed)Focal Press
Langford, Michael1969Professional PhotographyFocal Press
Langford, Michael1988The Darkroom HandbookEbury Press
London, Barbara & Upton, John2002Photography (6th edition)Harper Collins
Mezey, P1988Multi-Image Design and ProductionFocal Press
Millerson, G1992Video Production HandbookFocal Press
O’Quinn, D2001Print PublishingQue Paperback
Pipes, Alan1992/1997Production for Graphic Designers (2nd Edition)Laurence King
Proulx, Matt2000The Photographer’s Assistant handbookFocal Press
Rabiger, M1997Directing the DocumentaryButterworth-Heinemann
Ray, S1997High Speed Photography and PhotonicsFocal Press
Ray, S1999Scientific Photography and Applied ImagingFocal Press
Rogak, L1999Smart Guides to Starting a Small BusinessJohn Wiley & Sons Limited
Rogak, L2001Starting Your BusinessDorling Kindersley
Saine, P and Tyler, M1996Ophthalmic PhotographyFocal Press
Simpson, R1996Effective Audio Visual, Third EditionFocal Press
Stroebel, Leslie1988/1995Large Format Photography (2nd Ed.)Kodak
Stroebel, L1993View Camera TechniqueFocal Press
Stroebel, L1990Basic Photographic Materials and ProcessesFocal Press
Stroebel, L1995Stroebel’s View Camera BasicsFocal Press
Swann, Alan1989How to Design Grids and Use Them EffectivelyPhaidon/Oxford
Tarrant, J1998Professional Press, Editorial and PR PhotographyFocal Press
Thornton, Barry2000Edge of Darkness – The art, craft and power of the high-definition monochrome photograph.Argentum Press
Towse, M2001The Complete Guide to Digital PhotographySanctuary Publishing
Vetter, J P1992Biomedical PhotographyFocal Press
Vogl, W2004Gray’s Student AnatomyChurchill Livingstone
Ward, Dick198?Photography for AdvertisingMacDonald Illustrated
White, W (editor)1987Photomacrography: An IntroductionFocal Press,)
Williams, Nancy1995The Potential of Paper in Graphic DesignPhaidon Press Ltd
Worobiec, Tony & Spence, Ray2003Photo Art (In Camera, Darkroom, Digital & Mixed Media)Collins & Brown


Digital Photography & Photoshop Text books
Ang, Tom1999Digital PhotographyOctopus
Bird, T et al.2001New Masters of PhotoshopUnderground Friends of ED
Blatner, D & Taub, EThe QuarkXpress Book
Caplan, Steve2002How to Cheat in PhotoshopFocal Press
Cope, Peter2002Digital Photographer’s A-ZThames & Hudson
Daly, Tim2002Digital Printing HandbookArgentum
Davies, Adrian & Fennessy, Phil1996(2nd Ed)Electronic Imaging for PhotographersFocal Press
Davies, A1997The Digital Imaging A-ZFocal Press
Druckry, T & Stone, A. R.  (eds)1997Electronic Culture: Technology and Visual RepresentationAperture
Evening, Martin2004Adobe Photoshop CS for Photographers.Focal Press
Freeman, Michael2001Complete Guide to Digital PhotographyThames & Hudson
Friends of Ed2001New Masters of PhotoshopNew Riders
Goto, John2003UkadiaDjanogly Art Gallery
Haynes, B &Crumpler, W1999Photoshop 5.5 ArtistryNew Riders
Heller, T & Drennan, DThe Digital Designer: The Graphics Arts Guide to new MediaWatson Gruptil Publications
Kelby, S2003The PhotoShop Book for Digital PhotographersNew Riders,
Lister, Martin1995The Photographic Image in Digital CultureRoutledge
Michael, Candra2001IDEA 2001 (International Digital Exhibition and Awards)The AOP
Monroy ,1999Photorealistic Techniques with Photoshop & IllustratorNew Riders
Nolan, M J and LeWinter, R1998Fine Art Lessons in PhotoShop: Digital DrawingNew Riders
Popper, F.1997Art of the Electronic AgeThames & Hudson
Smith, C; Ward, A; Loader, V; Oliver, M; Bhangal, S2001Foundation Photoshop 3Friend of ED
Towse M2001The Complete Guide to Digital PhotographySanctuary Publishing
Monographs – Photographers
Photographer / AuthorPublishedTitlePublisher
Adams, Robert1990?To Make It HomeAperture
Brodovitch, Alexey / Purcell, K. W.2004?Brodovitch, AlexeyPhaidon Press
Cartier-Bresson, Henri1998Tete a Tete Thames & Hudson
Dunbar, Andrew & Dean Lahn1998Body PiercingSt. Martin’s Griffin
Greenfield, Lois19??Breaking Bounds, etc?
Hutchinson, John (Ed)2000Anthony GormleyPhaidon Press
Munoz, Isabel????Books on Flamenco, Tango & Arabian Dances plus Shaolin Monks?
Muybridge, Eadward????Books on Human and Animal Locomotion?
Nash, Chris????A Glance At The Toes?
Nash, Chris2000AssemblageRoyal Opera House
Nash, Chris2001Retrospective Exhibition CatalogueFiat Lux
Richards, Eugene1989Death (Emergency Room photo essay)Granta