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Ballarat Airbnb photography Lightshift Clunes aldona kmiec architecture

Ballarat Airbnb Photography

Capturing the Light When it comes to capturing your Airbnb property, the natural light is everything. Like with most things, the more effort you put in, the more you will get out of something. And light is something you cannot control but work with. Below are a few takes from a beautiful Airbnb accommodation property,…

East Gippsland Images Art Gallery: Land Water Sky Exhibition Ray Thomas, Charlotte (Penny) Hood, Ronald Edwards Pepper, Steaphan Paton

East Gippsland Images

Always wanted to capture the bats and here they are! East Gippsland Gallery in Bairnsdale. Current exhibition Land Water Sky presented by East Gippsland Art Gallery in partnership with East Gippsland Shire Council, acknowledges the cultural contribution of Aboriginal people in this region. It features work of important indigenous artists like Ray Thomas, Ronald Edwards-Pepper…

White reflective commercial Photography magazine product photoshoot Melbourne Ballarat

Product Photography

Australian Soy Candles product photography Mmm.. I have not left my studio yet, literally all morning I have been shooting these beautiful Australian Soy Candles that make my studio smell so unbelievably nice!!! I have got hundreds different fragrances on my desk.. I’m getting dizzy from exotic coconut, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla sticks, lemon grass candles…

Melbourne Ballarat Women Corporate Headshots Aldona Kmiec Photographer

Women Corporate Headshots

Melbourne Ballarat Women Corporate Headshots corporate headshot photographyWomen Corporate Headshots Portrait Preparation: Clothing Clothing for corporate headshot photography should be professional and suit your company or your business look. High contrast combinations, such as a dark jacket, white shirt and bold tie, scarf or accessories work well. Pastels and busy patterns are best avoided. Solid colours, freshly ironed, long…

Apex Fashion Awards Timelapse Melbourne Fashion Events photographer

Apex Fashion Awards Timelapse

Apex Fashion Awards Timelapse Whitehouse Institute of Design Apex Australia Teenage Fashion & Arts (AATFA) Youth Festival is a unique opportunity for students interested in the fashion or design industries to demonstrate their skill and flair through a friendly competition. Aldona Kmiec Photography was the Official Sponsor Photographer of the Apex Australia Teenage Fashion Awards National Final on October…

Apex Fashion Teenage Awards Event Photography Aldona Kmiec

Apex Australia Teenage Fashion Awards

STATE FINAL – WHITEHOUSE INSTITUTE OF DESIGN MELBOURNE We had a long but fantastic day in Melbourne photographing models and designers with their eye-catching designs from all over Victoria at the Victorian State Final last year. There were some amazing creations by designers from Ballarat! Apex Australia Teenage Fashion Awards AATFA State Final: September 10, 2011…