Current Multicultural Ambassadors City of Ballarat Program City of Ballarat 2012-2014

City of Ballarat Multicultural Ambassador Program [MAP] is a volunteer program supported by City of Ballarat.

Some of us have relocated to Australia as war refugees and some of us were lucky enough to migrate voluntarily, but what we all have in common is that we are all passionate about the Australian culture as well as sharing our own culture, languages, food and customs.

I have a strong interest in community development focusing on my passion for the Arts and focusing my energy as an advocate for CALD community in Ballarat. I feel there is a lot of work to be done in Ballarat. I love embracing new learnings and challenging my own assumptions and views.

If you have any questions or ideas to share, feel free to send me a message or visit for more details.

Multicultural Ambassadors City of Ballarat 2 2012-2014

Objectives of the Multicultural Ambassador Program

  • Enhance community awareness and foster inclusion of existing and new CALD communities in Ballarat
  • Support leadership within the CALD community and to recognise the commitment and contribution made by migrants and Indigenous people to the Ballarat community
  • Advocate for and promote the benefits of cultural diversity through learning, exchange and celebration
  • Collaborate with the City of Ballarat in implementing its Cultural Diversity Strategy
  • Promote the MAP as a platform for learning and exchange within the broader community.

More information on Ballarat Council’s Website:

Multicultural Ambassadors City of Ballarat 2 2012-2014