“The long search for freedom”

‪11 July‬ 2017, Train Melbourne – Ballarat. ‪1.17pm‬

[This dream was the inspiration for my ‘In The Process of healing’ exhibition at BALLARAT Convent, Ballarat Foto Biennale 2017 In the Process of Healing]

The long search for freedom Invisible Lives Artworks

Last night I had a dream. I’ve been walking on a bridge with Suganthini. The bridge was very long and you could see a big city in the distance.. The bridge had a side pavement for walking on the left and probably also lanes for cars but I don’t remember any cars. Me and Suga were walking down towards that city in the distance. There’s mud under our feet and water running, not too much but enough to make your shoes wet and soles muddy.

We’re walking and along us, there are other people walking in the same direction. In my dream I know they all are refugees. Although, I am not a refugee, I am there with them, walking that bridge.

I am walking next to Suganthini holding her tight as she was crying. Her cry was profound and deep. I felt a lot of her pain and from sharing that pain, I started crying too, or rather weeping. Our hearts hurt and our tears were all about our existence and injustice and grief. I know we were walking towards freedom and as we walked, we were both singing a song.

When I woke up this morning, 11 July 2017, I didn’t open my eyes straightaway – I grabbed my phone and mumbling, recorded that song on my phone. And this is the song – about the human pain, collective despair and empathy. And this is what you can hear playing in the distance, in between the steps and the sound of water.

“The long search for freedom.”

Watch the short doco from the exhibition:

In the Process of Healing